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Located in the bustling area of Little Italy in Toronto, Frank’s Kitchen is not your average restaurant you would expect to find in a predominantly pizza and pasta-oriented neighborhood. The French cuisine you’ll find here has enough flavor to make one’s mouth start salivating within seconds of mentioning their Oysters covered in cheesy goodness. Sorry for the layman’s terms, but this is not Toronto Life and we see no need to describe a dish as tossed in an exotic array of dairy products from the fields of Tuscany when “cheesy goodness” will do.

One of my favorites here is the beef wellington, cooked to absolute perfection, which is not an easy task. Although this specific menu item is high in my good books, it’s hard to complain about anything from this restaurant. From the lobster to the pork done three ways, the chefs consistently show their passion for good food, ensuring no diner leaves unsatisfied. The prices are also reasonable considering the quality of food and explosion of flavor that bursts from every dish, with mains ranging from $15 to $40.

Authored by Jamie Munro

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Location: 588 College Street, Toronto

Phone number: (416) 516-5861


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