His Take: Fine Dining in Toronto Without Breaking the Bank

This is quite possibly the most impressive restaurant that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I just can’t praise Frank’s Kitchen enough.




Source: TripAdvisor

Before I get in to the nitty-gritty, I’d just like to throw it out there: I like fine dining. What I don’t like is a restaurant that treats me like I just kicked the owner’s dog because they think I’m 40 years too young to walk through the door. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I don’t like being treated like the King of England either. At the end of the day, it’s dinner. Unless the guy at the table next to me begins to choke, we’re not saving lives here.

The Oyster’s Rockefeller might just be the best “oyster appetizer” I have ever had. I like oysters plain and simple, in the shell with a bit of lemon, but Oyster’s Rockefeller blew my mind. Covered in cheese with a hint of bacon, it will blow yours too, even if you’re not a seafood lover.

The best thing on the menu is by far the Beef Wellington, although I’ve heard that it’s not a constant… I’d suggest calling ahead to see if this is being served. If they say no, ask when they plan on serving it in the future. Trust me, you’ll want to order it.

From the fresh home made bread to start, to the service’s impeccable knowledge and capable suggestions when it comes to the wine menu, as well as the free amuse bouche and sorbet served in between courses, you would think that you’re eating at a 4 star restaurant. The service is classy but not pretentious, the bill is a bit more than your average joe’s diner but, hilariously, probably less than you’d pay for an outing at milestone’s. Two words sum up this little gem: Must Go.

Authored by Kyle Foot

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