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Source: Foodigator

If you are a fan of reasonably priced seafood, Buster’s Sea Cove is an all-things-fish-related haven. Located in St. Lawrence Market, another attraction in and of itself, this high-strung seafood joint presents variety and atmosphere. Like Kyle said in his review, it reminds one of NYC, complete with the screaming cooks visible for everyone to see, and has enough chaos to make Toronto during rush hour seem soothing. While some may be turned off by this prospect, those who brave it out will understand why it’s all worth the wait.

My personal favorite is the Swordfish Sandwich. It’s not covered in batter, but is just unhealthy enough to make one feel indulged. Another delicious item is the Seafood Orzo, which comes with shrimp, squid, muscles and is tossed in a rose herb sauce. The menu is extensive, so as long as you enjoy seafood you’re bound to find something of interest. One point to note for visitors: although the line almost always looks long, you will be served quickly as the cooks behind the counter work overtime to ensure everyone is served efficiently.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: St Lawrence Market, 93 Front Street E, Toronto

Phone number: 416-369-9048


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