His Take: Burger’s Priest

If you have ever been to the States (or as they like to call it, America) you will have likely noticed 2 things: 1) There are American flags on everything. 2) They have the best burgers in the world. Period.

However, Burger’s Priest, which can be found on the border of Leslieville in Toronto, gives just about any American chain a run for its money.

ImageSource: TheStar.com


Source: TorontoLife

This place is the real deal. Remember to bring cash as they don’t take credit/debit, and a burger and fries is a bit on the pricey side around $12-$14. I would also highly recommend taking a glance at their website before making the treck. There must be at least 20 people crammed in to this tiny little takeout shop, so once you’re at the front of the line, the cashier is more likely to kick you in the groin than provide a detailed explanation of each item. This is unfortunate as the names of the burgers are not self explanatory and the menu hanging above the counter is as useless as a a bulletproof window made out of tissue paper.

Key takeaway: do your homework. Their website has a section titled “secret menu” that the actual restaurant does not allude to whatsoever. This strategy is totally lost on me.

Truth be told, I have only ventured once from my usual order, the double cheeseburger, and I swiftly returned to my traditional choice on the next visit. The bun is so soft, the meat is so good, the cheese is so cheesy. You won’t find a better burger joint in Toronto.

Authored by Kyle Foot

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