Her Take: Holy Chuck

With a burger juicy enough to rival the deliciousness of Burger’s Priest, Holy Chuck puts up a good fight for the best burger in Toronto. The meat is just as fresh and none of its products are ever frozen, which makes for excellent quality. I got the specialty Holy Chuck burger with no extra toppings (recommended for all menu items), and was not disappointed. After one bite I was hooked and realized it was going to be harder than I thought to choose an ultimate winner in the Burger’s Priest vs Holy Chuck standoff.

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There are of course differences between the two burger joints. Holy Chuck must be commended for its variety, as its menu list is quite extensive and also features delicious desserts. I found out later that Burger’s Priest also has a larger menu that it claims to be “secret,” and only posts these extra items online. Kyle and I recently had two friends that complained saying Burger’s Priest was too pretentious, and with unnecessary gimmicks like top secret food I’m starting to see their point. Price-wise, however, Burger’s Priest is slightly cheaper.

When it comes down to it, Holy Chuck delivers the goods to compete with the best burger’s in Toronto. The service was also commendable, as it wasn’t busy and the man behind the counter asked us how everything tasted and said goodbye when we left (something you don’t often hear at a fast-food diner). We walked away feeling like we’d eaten a small child – a feat that every decent burger joint should be able to inflict on its customers.

UPDATE: Holy Chuck has recently revamped its menu to include everything from white and black truffles imported from Italy on a weekly basis to high quality French Bleu cheese. Can you say delicious? We can’t wait to try some of these items, but if anyone else beats us to it please shoot us a tweet to let us know about your experience.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See What Kyle Thinks: His Take

Location: 1450 Yonge Street, Toronto

Phone number: 416-962-4825

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