His Take: Holy Chuck

Holy expensive.

For 2 burgers, 1 order of fries, and one fountain drink the grand total came to just under $30. Seems a bit crazy if you ask me… but hey, I’m a working man. I ordered the burger named after the franchise itself, “The Holy Chuck,” and I can testify that this is one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in Toronto. Not quite as good as The Burger’s Priest, but close.

On the wall is a testament to all of those who have attempted and finished the consumption of a ridiculously tall burger that I can only imagine has killed more men than have devoured it. Part of me wants to mock them… I would say that’s the jealous part of me, as really, I just want my damn picture up on that wall.

It is insisted that the “Holy Chuck” burger be eaten with no additional toppings, and it was good… indescribably good. But still, it could use some ketchup, some mayo, and maybe a pickle. Let’s not get silly here, it’s still a burger.

UPDATE: Holy Chuck has added a whole “chuckload” of amazing burgers to their menu. We will definitely be checking this out and reporting back sometime soon… so stay tuned! If anyone has already managed to give one of their new burgers a taste, be sure to send a tweet letting us know what you think!

Authored by Kyle Foot

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Location: 1450 Yonge Street, Toronto

Phone: 416-962-4825

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