His Take: Surf The Icy Side of the Pacific in Tofino, B.C.

For those of you who have thought about giving surfing a try, I’m sure you envisioned yourself coasting toward the shore in the shallow waters of Waikiki. Or perhaps your first introduction to the sport would be in one of the countless hot-spots across Australia.

What about this: tightly wrapped in a wetsuit while you fight against the frigid currents of the Pacific Ocean, just off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Source: I Backpack Canada

Source: Pacific Sands

Source: May Hen’s Posterous

The town of Tofino is absolutely magical, facing directly out on to the ocean while the mountains provide one of the most dramatic backdrops that anywhere on the planet has to offer. The list of outdoor activities offered is seemingly endless. Whether you want to set out for a casual kayak, hit up the links for a round of golf, hike through the rainforests of Vancouver island, or spend the afternoon biking along one of the town’s many paved trails, it is not hard to imagine how one could feel utterly enchanted in Tofino. Stories tell of how Odysseus stayed on the island of Ogygia for approximately 7 years. If he were on Vancouver Island instead, he never would never have left.

Source: Jamie’s Whaling Station

Source: Wickaninnish Inn

Of course, the big draw in Tofino is the surfing. Wetsuits cover the ocean and beach as hundreds of people participate in the numerous surf schools that the town has to offer. The current isn’t too strong and once your hands and face get used to the icy chill of the ocean, I would say that there are probably few places as fit for the beginning stages of the sport.

In addition, It would be a considerable mistake to miss out on the food of Tofino. While restaurants such as Shelter and the Sea Shanty provide immaculate food and a dining experience unique in their own ways (if you are here for multiple days, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THESE), it is the Pointe Restaurant at the Wickaninnish that takes the cake as the best restaurant in the area.

Source: Vancity Allie

Words cannot describe how good the food is at the Pointe. Please be warned, a heavy wallet is required for this one… but do not let that turn you off. If you are going to choose one dinner in life to spend far more than you should, in my opinion, this would be in the top 3 that you should consider.

Without a doubt, no matter where on the globe you hail from, be sure to make a visit to Tofino within your lifetime.

Authored By: Kyle Foot


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