His Take: Open Your Wallet at Rodney’s Oyster House

Rodney’s Oyster House has the ambience, the popularity, and of course, the oysters. Tons of them.

Source: TorontoLife

Source: 2010 Dining Guide: Surf and Turf

I wouldn’t say that I’m an oyster lover… at least not like Jamie. Whenever she slurps one up, her eyes roll in to the back of her head and she kind of shudders in ecstasy. I only wish that I could have that kind of effect on her… damn oysters.

ANYWHO. I would highly recommend sitting at the bar, as watching the friendly pros shuck oysters at lightning speed is a thing of beauty. The aroma of horseradish wafts along the bar as the staff grates it on to each sampler plate, while a line of 5 uniquely delicious sauces are laid out in front of you to add to your oysters if you so please. Some are sweet, some are spicy, and some are so downright good they can’t possibly be summed up in words.

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I had no idea before entering Rodney’s that oysters tasted differently depending on where they’re from… I always just kind of figured that they’re oysters. Oysters taste like oysters, and that’s that. Not so. With oysters from British Columbia, New Brunswick, Maine, Boston, Virginia, Washington State, and dozens of other fishing hot spots, each has it’s own size, shape, colour, and taste.

Rodney’s is not cheap, and I would appreciate a list of each oyster offered next to its respective price/piece. Restaurants that don’t allow you to know how much you’re paying before you’re finished eating always frustrate me. I know that oysters aren’t cheap, but it would at least help to ease the shock that we received when the bill eventually came. Not to deter you from giving Rodney’s a shot. It’s one of the most impressive places I’ve been to in Toronto, and well worth the price… wouldn’t do it weekly, but a nice treat once in a while.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

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