His Take: Can’t Beat New Sky in Toronto’s Chinatown

For whatever reason, I solemnly believe that Western Canada has better Chinese food than anything that I’ve been able to find in the east. Jamie and I have looked long and hard for decent Chinese food in Toronto, and it wasn’t easy… but we hit the jackpot.

New Sky Restaurant delivers on every single dish. Period.

Located in the heart of Chinatown on Spadina, amidst countless late night pre-hangover cures, New Sky Restaurant is worth cherishing before or after a bender. If you’ve been to this restaurant after a few (or more than a few) brewskies, I highly suggest you return on a more sober occasion as well.

Source: BlogTO

The menu, like most Chinese restaurants, is expansive and I can’t try to pretend that I’ve even come close to tasting everything… but here’s some of my personal favorites thus far:

1) Beef with Ginger and Onion: so, so much better than standard ginger fried beef dishes (which I love). Same taste, less batter, more awesomeness.

2) Orange Chicken: definitely one of the heavier dishes on the menu that I’ve had, but words cannot describe how good this combination is. I’m a big fan of lemon chicken, but after tasting this dish, I’ll always be looking for “orange chicken” at any Chinese restaurant I pop in to in the future.

3) Deep Fried Salt + Pepper Squid: unlike most restaurants that cake their seafood in batter when deep frying, New Sky has just the perfect amount of crispiness so as not to hide the main attraction: the squid. Also, I’ve had this dish from other restaurants that was waaaaay too salty. Not here!

4) General Tao’s Chicken: the classic dish, done absolutely perfectly. So tasty, and again, perfect amount of crispiness.

Source: StarkInsider

Awesome spot for anywhere between 2-20 people. Trust me, this place is fantastic.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take

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