His Take: Dirt Cheap All You Can Eat at Yang’s Sushi Bar

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Hidden away in a somewhat commercial looking strip mall just off of Central Parkway West in Mississauga, I have yet to eat better sushi in the GTA than what Yang’s Sushi Bar has to deliver. The best part? They offer all you can eat lunch until 2:30pm for just a little over $15/person. For so, so many reasons, I cannot rave about this place enough.

One indication of whether or not a sushi spot is worth your time is the Miso Soup. One sip of Yang’s steamy, onion filled Miso will fill you with the expectation of sushi that is far, far better than average. That expectation will not be disappointed.

More elaborate dishes such as the spicy sashimi rolls, spicy crispy butter fish rolls, deep fried scallops, and shrimp tempura are all to die for. However, it is the simple yet “I cannot believe we don’t live next to the ocean, this fish is so fresh” options such as the salmon sushi, crab sushi, and squid sushi that separate Yang’s from every other sushi joint in the GTA.

The service is absolutely impeccable. No waiter is assigned to one table, but rather the entire staff appears to circle the dining area scouting out tables that require attention. This could be chaos if not executed properly, but Yang’s has perfected this technique which results in your order being recorded no less than 2 minutes after you fill out your “All you can eat” sheet, and your food arriving just as quickly. Seriously, this place is awesome.

For those who can’t stand seafood, Yang’s has a number of dishes which offer even the most carnivorous a surprisingly delicious solution to their hunger. The steak skewers as well as the gyoza are especially tasty.

Authored by Kyle Foot

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Address: 1177 Central Parkway West
Mississauga, ON

Phone number: 905-896-8880


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