His Take: The Lion, the Witch and Callooh Callay in Shoreditch

Source: Gin Monkey

Source: Gin Monkey

Source: Fluid London

Callooh Callay is hands down the last bar that you should visit on your night out on the town in Shoreditch. Not that every other place is better, it’s just that once you’ve been to Callooh Callay, everything else will pale in comparison.

Lost amidst the plethora of bricks and cobblestones just a few short steps from Shoreditch High Street lies a cocktail bar that only a city like London could produce. The only indication on the outside that even remotely hints at its existence is a sign emblazoned with two very thin neon C’s.

Once you enter, you will gawk at the antique furniture and the swarm of twenty somethings mingling throughout what looks like a bar that would attract the likes of Harry Potter and his pals. Don’t let this distract you, as tonight is the night and you need to seal the deal. So head to the secret backroom through the wardrobe (YES, THROUGH THE WARDROBE!!!!) and you will find an entirely different bar from the one that you were just in. It is both wildly eccentric with its reminiscence of the swingin’ 60’s, and enchantingly romantic.

Last time I was there, the drink menus arrived in the form of an audio cassette cover from the early 90’s. Not in an, “I’m cool,” kind of way, but rather in a whisper that says, “I know I’m cool.” The drinks are on the expensive side… about 7-15 pounds (or about $11-25) for a cocktail, which seems outrageous until you try one.

You probably can’t afford to get drunk here, but that’s not the point. For how your night is going to end after impressing your date with this little gem, you’ll want to have your wits about you.

Extra Tip: Try the chocolate covered strawberries. I feel like I’m going to lose my manhood by typing this, but the entire article up until this point has been filled with enough fem for me not to care. They’re unreal.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

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Location: 65 Rivington Street, London

Phone number: 020 7739 4781

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