His Take: The Most Authentic Italian Food in Toronto

Terroni flooded my mouth with delicious memories of when I was backpacking through Italy. In all of my travels, nowhere does the cuisine come even close the standards of those upheld in the land of La Dolce Vita… until now. Terroni is a testament to the art of authentic Italian home cooking.

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With four locations in North America (three in Toronto, and one in Los Angeles), I can only speak to my experience at the Terroni located on Queen Street a few steps from the uber trendy Trinity Bellwoods Park. On a cold winter’s day a few short weeks before Christmas, the atmosphere in Terroni is what I would imagine Santa’s workshop to look like if he was Italian and a professional cook. I have yet to eat anywhere in the city that is half as cozy as this.

The decor (complete with strictly Italian signage and bottles of olive oil that boldly display the “Terroni” label) would cross in to the realm of cliche if the food did not taste like it was conjured in the majestic hillsides of Tuscany.

Source: Terroni.com

Source: Terroni.com

The Santa Stefano pizza is topped with tomatoes that burst in your mouth with flavour, dabs of buffalo mozzarella, arugula, and prosciutto that I would have sworn was shaved in Bologna deli. The tomato sauce… I wish I could steal a lifetime supply of it from their kitchen and bathe myself in it. Maybe that’s a bit strange… but dear lord, is it good. I’ve had the luxury of eating Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Naples, the very spot where pizza was perfected. The Santa Stefano is as good of a pizza as any that I had while I was there, if not better.

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If you are looking for pasta rather than pizza, the Pappardelle alla Iosa tastes as if it were a recipe that had been perfected and passed down for thousands of generations. The meat is fluffy and melt absolutely melt in your mouth. Take one bite of this dish, and you’ll wish it would never end.

OH MY GOD, THE DESSERT. It’s all as rich as you would expect, but if you don’t like the tiramisu or the chocolate cake, then I’m pretty sure that you’re not capable of liking anything.

The service was a bit pretentious, but that’s not nearly enough to sour my taste for absolutely everything else at this place. I would expect Terroni to expand beyond the 4 locations are currently in operation. I love hole in the walls, and it saddens me to think that Terroni could one day be a mega chain… but as long as there’s one on my block, I’m happy.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

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Location: 720 Queen St W, Toronto O.N., M6J 1E8

Phone:(416) 504-0320

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