Her Take: A Cozy Spot for Pizza in Montreal

I will admit that it’s been ages since I’ve tasted Amelio’s pizza in Montreal, but it must be good since I still remember it to this day.

Source: Diner’s Dish


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Source: Montreal Gazette


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Source: Montreal Gazette

Kyle and I both went to McGill University in Montreal, so when we weren’t jammed in a coffee shop writing late-night essays, we spent time trying to enjoy the city on a limited budget. Thankfully, Montreal is not like Toronto and offers endless eats on the cheap. A small pizza can be had here for $13, and if you’re sharing among two or three I would recommend a large for around $25. The best part is the bring-your-own-wine deal, a tradition that runs rampant throughout Montreal. Head to the nearby depanneur and pick up a bottle for $10, and you can eat a delicious meal with alcohol for under $30. Price is everything when you’re a student, and Amelio’s provides a cozy atmosphere and great food on the cheap.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Address: 201 Milton, Montreal OR 1205 Bernard, Outremont, QC

Phone number: 514-845-8396 (Milton) 514-903-8397 (Bernard)

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