His Take: Dine Like a Local at this REAL Venezia Restaurant

It will be a long, long time before I forget my experience at Osteria Alla Frasca. While sitting on the quaint front patio, I saw countless couples and families hastily glance at the menu and walk on by. They wouldn’t know it, but they should always regret that decision. Always.

Our waiter (who I can only presume duals as the chef and owner as well) spoke the most minimal amount of English. Which was great. It was nice to meet someone in the almost amusement park-ish Venice who was entirely authentic. His menu was scribbled on a piece of paper and quite difficult to interpret. So I asked him to bring me what he would like to eat for dinner.

I received a cold meat platter as an appetizer, two home made pitchers of red wine (I would bottle it and sell it for millions if I could only convince him), gnocchi in tomato sauce, and finished it off with two helpings of tiramisu. It was only a couple of seconds between the time that he placed it in front of me and when I inhaled the very last crumb, so I figured I should order one more piece.

I honestly don’t remember what it cost. And I could care less. I walked by the next day and the menu was completely different. I left feeling as if I was the last person who would ever eat that specific combination of food at Osteria Alla Frasca, but I hope not. It would be a waste for me to be the only one.

Not an easy place to find, I literally had to squeeze through an alley no more than a foot and half wide until I popped out in to the middle of a remote piazza where this spot is located. All I can say is that it Osteria Alla Frasca will likely be the most enjoyable dining experience I will have ever had. If that isn’t enough to convince you to try it, then I should give up writing altogether.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

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