Her Take: Cheap Eats Montreal

Montreal is one of those places with so much character you don’t know which way to look. The cobblestone streets of Duluth are a prime place for taking in this charm, as the surrounding area is filled with graffiti, bars and best of all locals. Chez Jose is a great spot for cheap eats and even comes with a view of two fake legs dangling over a balcony.

ImageSource: Patokallio


Source: Les Gourmandes de Montreal


Source: Food and Drinks in Montreal

Sandwiches are as cheap as $5, and I highly recommend purchasing a smoothie with your meal. Although the drink will be just as evenly priced as the food, it’s well worth it and your total will come out to just over $10. In the summer, sit outside on the small patio area that doubles as both a sitting section and functional sidewalk. When the weather’s warm this is one of the best spots to get a sense of the laissez-faire attitude of people in this city and enjoy a delicious sandwich for little cash.

Authored by Jamie Munro

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Location: 173 Avenue Duluth East, Montreal, QC

Phone number: 514-845-0693

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