Her Take: A Taste of Italy in Toronto

After wandering past what looked like a quaint, yet bustling restaurant on Queen Street West numerous times, Kyle and I finally decided to stop drooling at the pizza spotted through glass windows and try some for ourselves. Terroni did not disappoint.


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This is the most authentic restaurant I’ve been to in Toronto, and its not even located in what is supposed to be the most Italian neighborhood of all: Little Italy. The atmosphere took me back to my time spent couch surfing near Venice, where a family was nice enough to house me for the night and cook a traditional home-cooked Italian meal. The mother, father, sister, brother and I all sat around a large oak table, drinking wine and stuffing our faces with pizza and pasta. The pizza was fresh with a thin crust, topped with prosciutto and not overflowing with mozzarella cheese like most North American versions. The house filled with conversation and laughter, and I felt right at home tucked inside the open-concept dining room overlooking a vast green Italian landscape. Replace the view with a few streetcars, and the similarities between Terroni and my couch-surfing experience are uncanny.

Kyle and I both shared a pasta and pizza. I can’t remember exactly the menu item, but this shouldn’t make a difference as I’m sure everything on hand is made with the same diligence and eye for quality. For desert my all-time favorite was the chocolate cake oozing with a soft center and surrounded by a creamy vanilla sauce that makes my mouth water at the thought. The wine we had was crap, so don’t be cheap and be sure to order a step above the $40 bottle. I would also recommend calling to make a reservation, otherwise you’re looking at about a half hour wait or more on weekends.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: 720 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 504-1992

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