Her Take: Enter the Wardrobe at Callooh Callay

When Kyle lived in London for a summer, he talked endlessly about this one spot in Shoreditch as if it was an architectural panty remover. He was convinced that if you took a girl here on a first date she would be so impressed it would be distasteful not to return the favor.


Source: Shopped and Dropped


Source: Katherine Portilla


Source: Smith Travel Blog


Source: Gin Monkey

I can’t say I quite see his male perspective on this one, but I will say Callooh Callay has a romantic charm and delicious cocktails to impress any skeptical female. The cool thing about this bar is the hidden room, a space that can only be accessed through a massive wardrobe. If only the other side came with Mr. Tumnus and Turkish Delights my childhood dreams would have been filled.

The drinks are expensive, so be prepared to drop 12 pounds on a cocktail, which is the equivalent of over $20. If you’re not looking for a super romantic time, the front area is much more casual so you can kick back with a few friends and sip on some of the best drinks in London.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: 65 Rivington Street, London

Phone number: 020 7739 4781

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