His Take: For Those Looking for Brunch in New York City

The Lower East Side of Manhattan is district of nearly unrivaled coolness. A classic grungy charm coupled with an infinite amount of public art and pop shops indicate that this is truly one of the hippest neighbourhoods in North America. Nestled among all of this is the Clinton Street Baking Company, one of the Big Apple’s absolute best brunch hot spots.

clinton_street_baking_460x285Source: NYCgo.com

clinton-st-baking-companySource: Life

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IMG_1112Source: Carlie’s Corner

I would highly recommend having a quick snack before you head out for CSBC, as I can guarantee you that the line will be at least an hour long. Jamie and I learned the hard way. Not to deter you from visiting, but just a warning to be prepared. I am not a patient man when hungry. When my stomach starts to churn, I will go out of my way to make everyone around me twice as miserable as I feel without my fix. Within ten minutes of waiting, I was desperate to devour absolutely anything… the pigeons were looking like a pretty good meal at one point. After many attempts of trying to convince Jamie to just skip breakfast altogether and have an early lunch at Shake Shack, our name was finally called.

The wait was difficult, but to say that I’m glad we pushed through it would be an understatement. The blueberry pancakes were so fluffy and buttery, I doubt if I’ve ever had better. I don’t know what they did to the scrambled eggs, but I still have filthy dreams about them from time to time. The chorizo sausage was deliciously spicy… the more that I ate, the more that I understood why the line was so long.

This is a far cry from the tourist haven that is Times Square. Not that I’m bashing Times Square, because I love just about everything about New York City. All I’m saying is, do yourself a favor and seek out Clinton Street Baker Company in the Lower East Side. But have an apple on the way.

Authored by Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take

Location: 4 Clinton Street  New York, NY 10002, United States

Phone: (646) 602-6263

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