His Take: Clothing Discouraged at the Nude Beaches of Lopar

The town of Lopar on Rab Island is quite simply one of the most naturally spectacular locations in the world. Crystal clear waters, breathtaking views of mainland Croatia, a hot, arid climate that might as well push you in to the water, and clothing optional: for the most part.



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I wouldn’t generally categorize myself as a free spirit. I do NOT put my hands in the air on a roller coaster, I hang on for dear life. As the cars wind their way along the track, I don’t laugh and scream with pleasure. I think about all of the tiny little details in every inch of the contraption that may have possibly been put together improperly and could possibly burst apart at the exact moment that my particular seat comes in contact with it. I guess you could say that I am risk averse.

Jamie knows this very well. In fact, I would guess that this is why she was so surprised when, in the early stages of planning our trip to Croatia, I suggested that we make a special trip to Rab Island, a relatively remote island known for its nude beaches. We followed through on this idea, and it was probably our outstanding highlight of the trip.

For one thing, the nude beaches are just nicer. They’re less crowded, there’s absolutely no pollution in the water, the terrain is usually more dramatic because regular swimsuit wearing tourists are just looking for big sand beaches, and let’s face it, the people watching is a lot more fun. Although, the good majority of the nudists that we encountered were likely retired. And clearly this wasn’t their first rodeo, as there was not a single inch of white anywhere on their bodies.

The initial thought of how embarrassing the entire ordeal would be was overwhelming on the walk to the beach. In fact, we may have stopped about 100 yards short of the beach and gone for a nude swim in the privacy of a little hidden cove. But eventually we swam our way over to the main beach, and we realized that there were no gawks, awes, or giggles. There’s a common acknowledgement among nude beach goers that everyone is naked, everyone is on a beach, and after a while you start to wonder why you ever need to wear clothes at all. Of course, for those of us who are Canadian, the reality of what a nude winter would feel like answers that question pretty quickly.

Authored by Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take


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