Her Take: Brunch at Clinton Street Baking Company

When Kyle and I visited New York in April of 2011, we had three things we wanted to experience: food, sights and nightlife. We were recommended to Clinton Street Baking Company by a friend, so wandered over on a hungover Saturday to see if these pancakes were really as fresh and fluffy as everyone claimed.


Source: DNA Info


Source: Blissful Eats


Source: What Shi Eats 


Source: Rotting Television

We arrived starving to hear that the wait was almost an hour and a half. Kyle was ready to throw in the hat and head to the nearest McDonald’s to devour ten Big Macs, but I somehow convinced him to stay, and thank God I did. They might as well have injected those blueberry buttermilk pancakes with a shot of cocaine, as I am still craving a fix to this day. We combined our order of fluffy goodness with scrambled eggs, bacon and chorizo sausage, and inhaled the entire meal in less than ten minutes.

Needless to say, Clinton Street Baking Company lived up to our expectations.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: 4 Clinton Street, New York, NY

Phone number: 646-602-6263

Clinton St. Baking Company on Urbanspoon


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