Her Take: The Female Guide to Enjoying Nude Beaches in Croatia

When Kyle told me he was excited to visit the nude beaches of Croatia, it caught me by surprise. As outlined in his review on the beaches of Lopar, he is naturally risk averse and anything but a thrill seeker. However, the thought of walking around in your birthday suit amongst complete strangers appealed to him, and since I’ve dragged him on so-called death-defying roller coasters, I figured I’d put my angst aside and give it a go.


Source: Croatia Hotels


Source: Find Croatia


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Original Photography from Couple of Yuppies

Dropping your skivvies for the first time on a nude beach is not the most pleasant experience. Naturally, all of those fears that accompany exposing oneself rear their ugly head, but after looking around at the company you start to realize nudity is the last thing on people’s minds. Gone are the lads who spend more time at the gym than a treadmill, along with women lazing awkwardly, chests out. The nude beaches of Croatia are a place of relaxation and content. People are there to enjoy the sun, sights and a cool dip in the Adriatic sea, not gawk at six-packs or lack thereof.

Lopar was one of our favorite nude beaches in Croatia, although you have to hike slightly from the main area to find them. It is well worth it, and once you see these secluded spots of paradise and crystal-clear waters, you will fully understand. There is only one slight problem with frolicking stark naked in these areas: you’ll never want to wear a bathing suit ever again.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: Lopar, Croatia


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