Her Take: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Burgers at Shake Shack

When it comes to my Best Burgers Ever Eaten list, Shake Shack makes the cut. It’s been too long since I’ve eaten here to make a proper judgement over whether Burger’s Priest is better or not, but I can say the two are very much on par. The buns are soft, the meat is fresh and they both induce the same sensation of pure bliss.


Source: Serious Eats


Source: Flick River


Source: Alla Mix

I’ve always found some of the best places to eat are independently owned restaurants, but Shake Shack proves me wrong when it comes to chains. Even though the joint is open at numerous locations around the world, it still manages to maintain its high quality. It also has milkshakes which will take ten years off your life: a risk that everyone should be willing to take.

Kyle and I ordered far too much of course, but we had the chance to try the cheese chips, cheeseburger, fries and beer all in one sitting. I wasn’t completely overwhelmed by the cheese chips, and going back again I would simply have the cheeseburger and milkshake. Overall this is a great place to have a quick bite before continuing the night with bar-hopping or comedy clubs.

Authored by Jamie Munro

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Numerous Locations: See website

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