His Take: Scale the Walls at Joe Rockheads


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I don’t know if rock climbing itself is enough to put you in peak physical condition… judging by the crowd that frequents the place, I was pretty confident that I’d have regained my six pack by now. Not so. Not even close.

However, rock climbing is hopelessly addictive, and you’ll find yourself doing anything you possibly can in your spare time to help climb that wall you couldn’t quite muster last time. I put rock climbing in the same category as golf, although the two are wildly different, for one reason: your most challenging competitor is yourself.

Whether you prefer strapping yourself in and climbing one of the thirty foot walls (there are about 20 different routes throughout the gym, of differing skill levels… this is called top-roping) or scaling one of the smaller routes that rely more on side to side movement and do not require a harness (called bouldering), there is always room for improvement.

The monthly membership at Joe Rockheads is about $56/month, which works out to be around $670/year. So if you’re going to be going once or twice a month, it’s a pricy venture. Jamie and I try to make it out at least twice a week (we ride our bikes to save $5 each time, which is max price at the nearest parkade). We find it’s a great way to exercise, develop and overcome goals outside of the office (you need those to stay sane), and spend time with a good chunk of our friends who have memberships too. Joe’s also has a friendly community feel, as groups of various skill levels work together to solve problems on the bouldering walls.

If you’re anywhere near downtown, give Joe Rockheads a shot. I’d suggest paying for a beginner’s lesson which lasts for about 3 hours, in which the harness and shoes are supplied. After this, it’ll be easy enough to evaluate whether or not this whole rock climbing thing is for you. Although, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love it.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take

Location: 29 Fraser Avenue  Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7

Phone: (416) 538-7670


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