His Take: Grab a Few Pints at The Local on Roncesvalles

ImageSource: Toronto Revisited


Source: Toronto.com

The local is pretty much my 100% ideal spot to grab a few hard earned drinks after work. The place is packed every night of the week, great live music, cozy atmosphere the lets you know that this is a place to wind down, awesome local Toronto beers on tap like Flying Monkey’s Hoptical Illusion and the Junction Ale… only thing that might be missing is a few TV’s to catch the highlights from the game. Although, this isn’t a sports bar, and I realize that. It just has the feel of somewhere that I could see myself grabbing a pint with the boys over fish and chips (which I had on St. Patty’s Day and are pretty damn good).

Located on Roncesvalles Avenue, the street which in the last year has completely revamped its tune and added numerous coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and shops, the Local stands out as one of the clear favorites of those within the neighborhood. I know for a fact, as Jamie and I used to live just a couple of blocks away. With a tightly packed patio in the summer and a vintage movie theater next door to catch a flick after a couple of brews, the Local truly lives up to its name with its chill demeanor.

Authored by Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take

Location: 396 Roncesvalles Av, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-535-6225

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