Her Take: Enjoying the Seasons at Lake Louise

The seasons at Lake Louise impress visitors no matter the time of year. Whether it be the dead of winter allowing tourists to ski the mountain, or late summer with views of the emerald green lake, Lake Louise is a shining example of the natural beauty that Western Canada provides.


Source: My Rocky Mountain Window


Source: Wikimedia

Kyle and I have been there during the fall and winter seasons, and I enjoyed both visits for different reasons. Our fall visit allowed me to take in the lake’s stunning color juxtaposed against the craggy, snow-kissed mountains. Many tourists opted to rent a canoe and paddle to explore, while we decided to walk around the lake’s outer edge. If you love to hike, there are also numerous trails to keep one busy.


Source: Scenery Wallpapers

Although the winter can be a bit harsh at Lake Louise with lows of minus 20 at times, this doesn’t stop tourist officials from making the most of these chilly conditions. The ice freezes over, resulting in a massive skating rink and a burning fire is set up to keep one’s toes from falling off. If this doesn’t keep you warm, head on into the Chateau Lake Louise, which is basically a castle in the middle of the mountains. Grab a hot chocolate and enjoy the lull of the harp player in the main dining section.



Original photography by Couple of Yuppies

Visitors can also ski the mountain at Lake Louise, which Kyle touches on more in his post. Regardless of your preference for outdoor activities, Lake Louise is a must-see natural wonder of Western Canada.

Authored by Jamie Munro

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