His Take: Cheap Gourmet Tacos at Grand Electric


It’s always hard to tell what you’re going to get with so called “trendy restaurants.” Often there’s a ton of hype, a huge line, snooty service, and $30 later I’ll be looking for a cheap slice of pizza around the corner to really fill me up. On the other hand you can get places like Grand Electric opening shop, taking a swift roundhouse kick to the face of a type of food that you thought you knew, and completely surpassing the already high expectations that surround it.

The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a trendy new restaurant in Toronto… dark lighting (save some decorative light bulbs that hang above the bar area and the menu which is scribbled on a chalkboard at the far end of the room), candle lit tables, and of course, limited seating to the utmost. We decided to head over to Grand Electric in the middle of the week and waited no longer than 10 minutes for a table. I’ve heard from others that the weekends can get packed beyond belief, so I’d suggest heading here in the middle of the week like we did.


Original Photography From: Couple of Yuppies

Cool as the place is, the food is where Grand Electric separates itself from the pack (as well as the prices). The main course here is tacos. Eccentric tacos. There were six various types to choose from, and every single one of them were $3/taco. So naturally, I tried one of each (remember, that’s only $18).

Before eating at Grand Electric, you will think that you’ve had tacos before. You haven’t. The tacos are served with the fillings stacked in the middle of a tiny soft shell, which you will need to fold up on your own. This will lead you to believe that you’ve just been served the smallest taco of all time. Don’t be fooled, as the toppings are more filling than you would expect. My six tacos had me absolutely stuffed, and I am not a light eater. My personal favorite was the fish taco, which came in the form of mini fish and chips (with a soft taco shell), complete with some of the best tartar sauce I’ve ever tasted. Either that or the Scrapple (I honestly still don’t remember what was in this, I think someone said they overheard that it was brisket, shoulder, and pig head). I would pay millions for rights to the recipe just so that I could try to conjure it up at home once a week.

Grand Electric Tac0Source: Spotlight Toronto

Grand Electric TacosSource: Gastropost

Also incredible, although a bit more expensive than the tacos, are the appetizers. Jamie and I were prepared to fight to the death for the last piece of the spicy squid, essentially calamari decked out in gaucamole and jalapenos. Unbelievable combo.

Great beer list as well, with prices around the $6-8 range for a glass. Can’t remember the name of the beer I had (I just asked for the darkest one in the house), but whatever it was, it was perfect.

6784546949_f48600dab2_zSource: North East of the City

grand+electric+spicy+squidSource: nine.ate.seven

My only complaint would be that the music is deafening. I want to clarify, I’ve been to no shortage of loud bars in my lifetime and I can deal with them. In fact, I prefer them… they make me feel cooler than I am. Probably because no one else can hear all of the insanely stupid things that I say. However, I came in to work with a raspy voice on Thursday from yelling across the table at Jamie for an hour or so. That’s not good. As a result, I would shy away from here for a first date, despite how cool everything else is about the place.

Authored by Kyle Foot

See what Jamie thought: Her Take

Location: 1330 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Phone: 416-627-3459

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