Her Take: Embody Your Inner Trendiness at Grand Electric

Grand Electric is one of those restaurants that if you weren’t looking for it, you would never go. It’s located in Parkdale, Toronto, an area that used to be rundown, but over the past few years has become transformed into a trendy spot for hip bars and delicious eats. Space is limited downtown, so restaurant owners are starting to see value in these previously undesirable areas.


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Grand Electric

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Since Grand Electric was born into this grunge-turned-trendy location, it does run the risk of trying too hard. This was my general impression at first, but the cheap prices and amazing food quickly changed my mind. The tacos were $3 each, and were almost as good as the rack of ribs appetizer. We also tried the spicy squid that comes with guacamole, which was an unexpected, but perfect addition to the dish.

Grand Electric is the perfect restaurant for those living on a budget, but looking to spoil themselves for an evening. It will not break the bank by any means, and offers a trendy night out for you and a group of friends to kick back and consume.

Authored by Jamie Munro

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Location: 1330 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Phone: 416-627-3459

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