Her Take: Satisfy Your Sushi Cravings at Sake Maki in Vancouver

When Kyle and I ate at Sake Maki in Vancouver it happened completely by chance. We originally headed over to Broadway for lunch at The Eatery, another amazing Vancouver sushi hotspot, which happened to be closed. The great thing about this city is if one sushi spot is not open, another gem awaits just around the corner.


Source: Sake Maki

We walked past the window and peered in at a couple consuming from a plate filled with smoked salmon and sauce-covered sushi. After one look at their food and a quick thumbs up exchange, we quickly headed inside. The best part about this sushi joint was the prices. A Chef’s Special consisted of three rolls for the price of two, with eight pieces per roll. Kyle and I split this deal, which ended up being the perfect amount. My only complaint was that the deal didn’t include sashimi, a personal favorite of mine at any sushi joint.


Source: A Simple Rambutan


Source: Yelp

What I love about this place, and Vancouver sushi in general, is the creativity behind each roll. Because the competition runs high with so many of these types of restaurants here, sushi chefs are forced to innovate and constantly invent new combinations. Looking for a spicy salmon roll topped with chopped scallop? Sake Maki in Vancouver has you covered. If that doesn’t satisfy your sushi cravings the Crunch Roll, a tempura prawn roll topped with mango and coconut, should tantalize your taste buds.

For those looking for cheap specials, Sake Maki puts up a good fight for a staple go-to sushi spot when in Vancouver.

Authored by Jamie Munro

See what Kyle thought: His Take

Location: 3211 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6K 2H5

Phone: 604-568-3308

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