HIs Take: Relax on the Best Pebble Beach in the World at Zlatni Rat

Jamie and I had seen pictures of Zlatni Rat front and center on just about every single Croatian travel guide we scanned through prior to our trip. It looked like a pretty nice beach, but we had also heard that it was kind of a pain to get to… out of the way, overrated, all that jazz. I can’t remember who we had heard this from, but I wish that I could… specifically so that I could bitch slap the crap out of them.


The winds that roll in from the Adriatic sea produce perfect conditions for beginners looking to kite surf, no more than 30 meters from the shoreline of the beach.


The waters (like everywhere in Croatia) are stupidly clear. In fact, because the beach consists of pebbles, there is almost no sediment to muddle your vision underwater. In other words, if you have a pair of googles, this beach is going to blow your mind. It is an absolutely incredible place for some good ol’ fashioned scuba diving. WARNING: as beautiful as the place is, you will still look like a dork while wearing scuba gear.



The fact that the beach is made of pebbles might sound discouraging to those of us who’ve grown up accustomed to sandy beaches. However, not having to worry about getting sand up your shorts is a nice change. I’m not exactly fond of memories from the beach forcing themselves upon me in the form of sandy dumps the next day. So I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m a fan of the pebbles.

Like the good majority of beaches in Europe, it’s not uncommon to see women sunbathing topless at Zlatni Rat. Tip for the guys out there: don’t do what I did and lean for a kiss from your girlfriend, only to be caught mid-smootch staring at the girl on the towel next to yours. The rest of your vacation will be much less enjoyable with a broken jaw.


Original Photography From: Couple of Yuppies

The island of Bol is only a 45 minute ferry from the city of Split, and Zlatni Rat is an hour long bus ride after that. Although, finding another 4 people to hop in to a taxi can save some time in your day while not sacrificing any additional cash, if you’re a good negotiator.

Here’s my tip when bargaining with the cab drivers in Croatia: do not pay any more per peson than you would spend on the bus. The cabbies will try to charge you a premium, stating that they will get you to the beach faster than the bus. This is true, as they take a more direct route. However, they need to fill their car and are just as desperate for passengers as their hounding should suggest. Reason with the cab driver and explain that you are a poor student, and price means more to you than anything. If he can come down to at least match (per person) what the bus ticket is worth, then he will have your business. If not, you’re going to hop on the next bus and he will have an empty cab. It’s that simple. I found that 99% of the time, this strategy worked perfectly. You’ll get to the beach in half the time, and pay the exact same amount.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

Location: Zlatni rat bb  21420, Bol, Croatia


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