His Take: Amazing Curry Deal in London’s Brick Lane


  • Never accept the first deal offered to you
  • Use a deal that one restaurant has offered you to negotiate a better deal at another restaurant. “Your offer is £12 for 3 courses, but that restaurant offered me…”
  • Don’t be afraid to suggest a deal. Express your needs. If they are offering you 3 courses for £10, don’t be afraid to counter off with “£10 for 3 courses and a bottle of wine.”
  • Best deal we found was 3 course dinner, naan bread, and bottle of wine for £10 each at City Spice.

Brick Lane

Source: Susannah Conway

Brick Lane

Source: Wikipedia

There are two types of people in this world: those who love to bargain, and those who hate it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Jamie hates it… which is fine for me, because that means that when we head to places like Brick Lane in London, she is more than happy to sit back and let me go for it. When the result is a 3 course meal, naan bread, and a bottle of wine for $15 each, I think she’s glad I’m a bargain hunter.

Brick Lane Curry House

Source: The Guardian

London is a smorgasbord of eclectic food, due to the high population of citizens whose origins hail from all over the globe. Of the countless options that you have available to you for a great dinner on the town, none even come close to a classic curry dish. In fact, I would argue that, as far as food is concerned, this is what the UK does best.

If you follow my advice (which you should) and grab some curry while in London, there’s no better place to head to than Brick Lane. Just be prepared to handle the intensity of the patrons standing guard outside of their respective restaurants, desperately trying to lure you in. Remember those cartoons from when you were a kid where someone would be dancing and a huge hook would appear, snag them around the neck, and yank them off stage? That is exactly what every single one of these guys would do to you if they could. Don’t let this put you off, the competitive nature of these restaurants means prices that are crazy low and food that is insanely good.

Brick Lane restaurant

Source: The Guardian

I know that most people who visit London seem to come away with the impression that there is no more expensive place on the planet. I disagree. If you know what you’re doing, you can find some great deals. After strolling up and down Brick Lane, the best bargain that I managed to swingle for Jamie and I was a 3 course dinner + Naan Bread + a bottle of wine for £10 each, at City Spice restaurant. That equates to about $15 Canadian each ($15 USD or €11).

Brick Lane Curry

Source: The Guardian

Brick Lane Shoreditch

Original Photograph From: Couple of Yuppies

I’ve been back to City Spice 3 times now, and each time I love it just as much as the last. The chicken tikka masala is about as good as you’ll find anywhere, the naan bread is fantastic, and who can argue with the price? My guess is that in Toronto the same meal would come out to at least $30 each.

Authored By: Kyle Foot

Location: 138 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

Phone: 02072471012


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