the woman

I grew up on a small farm in Langley, BC, and I’d like to think this time spent shoveling shit and riding horses has defined me as a person. How could it not? For one I developed a sharp tolerance for off-putting smells, and two this time required hard work and dedication taking care of horses on a daily basis. Even though I came to the inevitable realization that equestrian sports were a sure-fire way to put me in bankruptcy and quit this hobby over five years ago, I will always appreciate how my childhood spent on a farm instilled me with a sense of competition and tenacity.

Growing up in Langley also gave me the strong motivation to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. The township only recently became known as a city, and with my high school being stuck in between two blueberry farms and endless dead-end roads, the thought of living somewhere that didn’t require a car was slightly surreal. My first big trip consisted of New Zealand, Australia and Fiji for six months, during which I managed to skydive in the adventure capital of the world and partake in a bungee jump 134 meters high. I also met the most amazing people during this time, and was even a large influence on my Italian travel partner marrying and falling in love with a Fijian man. Whether or not this was entirely a sane decision is entirely irrelevant. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

I returned from my adventure for only a week or two, after which I headed out to Montreal to start my first year at McGill University. After six months of continuous drinking my liver was certainly prepared for this transition, but a certain half of my body from the neck up was certainly lagging behind. First semester was a sharp learning curve, but after these four months were over I was back in the swing of things and gaining back my much-needed brain cells.

Fast forward five years and I am now working and living in Toronto as the Video Producer at Trend Hunter, an online magazine known for its beer culture and fast-paced environment. I say Video Producer loosely, since our full-time team consists of no more than 15 people and we move around where need be. Kyle and I are now living together on the 26th floor of a corner condo, and despite the amazing view of the city, we still miss the mountainous terrain of our childhood upbringing. Hiking has been replaced with fine dining, and swimming in the ocean with drinks on a patio on a warm summer’s evening. Toronto lends itself well to the yuppie lifestyle, but we call ourselves this term more in the ironic sense. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies: let’s be real.

– Jamie Munro

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